Explosion Raptures South Korean Cargo Ship: 5 Dead, 6 Missing

A South Korean cargo ship was rocked by an explosion off the country’s west coast on Sunday, leaving five people dead and six others missing, official said.

The “yet to be explained” explosion, tore apart the front of the ship, and left 4,198-ton vessels half-submerged, coast guards said. Two of the 5 bodies found had serious external wounds, suggesting they were killed by the explosion, a coast guard said.

Five crewmen were rescued and searchers are still trying to locate the six others missing, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports.

The explosion occurred relatively far from the tense sea border with North Korea, and the coast guard does’nt suspect the North were involved. North Korea is accused of torpedoing a South Korean warship in 2010, killing 46 sailors, though North Korea has denied any involvement.

More updates on the situation are still gathered. Follow us on Twitter@Abubad.

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