Renewable Energy And Climate Change.

Wind turbinesRenewable energy or Clean energy sources and widespread use of Natural Energy sources is needed to help take the burden off current dependency on Fossil Fuels. The high rates at which people burn Fossil Fuels everyday, contributes greatly to the climate change, air pollution and environment pollution.

When humans begin to use more Renewable Energy as part of their everyday lives, we will be playing our role in trying to control the growing climate change. While also improving the quality of our surrounding environment, and the air we breathe.

Researchs have found Fussil Fuels to be a major contributor to the climate change. Therefore, now is the time to switch to an alternate means of energy.

Though, some countries in Europe and Asia, even the Americas have started using Alternative energy to curb global warming. Africa is eons away from achieving such accomplishment. With the low level of electricity, one would have thought the government would inject alot of money into the development of electricity using natural means, but corruption in both the government and the oil sector won’t allow such improvement.

Elsewere, 86% of Brazil’s energy is gotten from Natural means. Brazil’s energy programs involves producing Ethanol Fuel from Sugarcane (which is quite reasonble, considering the fact that sugarcane is an Agricultural product), Ethanol now provides 18% of the country’s automobile fuel.

Wind energy is the most used natural energy is the most used natural energy, with a 30% annual growth, and a worldwide installed capacity of 198 gigawatts (GW) in 2010, is widely used in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.

The Advantages of Clean/Renewable Energy:
1) Alot of renewable energy resources are readily available. The sun, wind and tides are all renewable forms of energy.
2) After the initial cost of the Solar Panels and Wind Turbines the only thing left to pay for is the maintenance. You could even sell excess electricity to your National grid, if your
country allows.
3) Using clean energy reduces climate change, e.t.c.

The Disadvantages of Clean Energy:
1) The cost of the system is very expensive.
2) It can be very difficult to achieve your energy requirements from the use of clean energy.
3) Due to lack of technical no-how, some people may not be able to maintain the system.

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