Talk Of Nigeria: Captured Boko Haram Spokesperson Exposes More About The Sect


Captured Boko Haram spokesperson Abdul Qaqa, has revealed informations on how the sect gets it vehicles and how they use it to carryout attacks on Northern Nigeria.

A source close to his interrogators confided in LEADERSHIP Newspaper last night that the former spokesman of the sect revealed how the vehicles used for the attacks were snatched at hijaacked at gunpoint, and how the inexpensive cars are used for suicide bombings. In his own words, “We (Boko Haram) snatch those vehicles at gun point. We use the less exotic ones for suicide bombings and just load the vehicles with bombs, drive them near our target, park, get out of it and leave them to explode thereafter”.

Qaqa said the exotic cars were converted by the sect’s leader, Shekau, for his personal use , even though he promises the sect members that they (the cars) would be sold to raise funds for the Jihad. He further revealed that the leadership of the sect, used the more expensive (exotic) cars to hoodwink security agents at checkpoints by posing as if they were some influential personalities on a fancy ride.

Qaqa also revealed the controversy which brewed over the disbursment of largesse. According to him, the leadership gave out favours to members on grounds of tribalism and favouritism, a development which, he said, angered those who did not benefit. Qaqa said; “The leadership (Shekau) takes the expensive (exotic) cars, always saying that he would arrange for them to be sold and the proceeds put into the Jihad. This is never done, anyway. Most of those vehicles end up with him and the Kanuri members of our sect. “They use them to pose and deceive security agents at checkpoints. The distribution (utilization) of these stolen vehicles is on ‘man-know-man’. ‘Man-know-tribes man’ became another source of anger and acrimony, but you have to bear it or you die. Once you are in, you are in. If you attempt to leave, you are seen as a traitor who must die”.

One can only hope the security agencies in Nigeria, can make excellent use of the informations they are extracting, to apprehend and expose all the members of this sect.

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