Talk Of Nigeria: What Happened With JAMB This Year?

JAMBITES all over Nigeria have been venting their anger on Nairaland , following the release of this year’s JAMB examination results.
Many had their hopes up, that they would score a high mark, by their calculations. Only to have their expectations crushed by the results!
In all honesty, they were not wrong! The examination this year was poorly conducted, coordinated and supervised up till the point of the result being released. Everything was in a state of confusion.
What makes it clearer to people that JAMB is incompetent, is the fact that their website went down for almost four days, after the release of the results!
Now that the results are out, the score most people have gotten is between 210 and 229. With almost everybody scoring 50 to 59 in English! It is either the results are still being uploaded, they were tampered with, the candidate scored that exact mark or the computer did’nt mark the papers accurately.
But me, I’ll go with the last one. There is enough proof to show that the results have a proximity with one another. They include:
1). 1.5m candidates for the exam is one of the highest in JAMB’s history and in recent times. Errors were bound to occur.
2). The results were released, few days after the exam. With that number of candidates, JAMB should have released the results later, than they earlier did, so as to curb any error.
3). The number of candidates was too high, for the results to have been released so early.
4). The computer would have been overwhelm. And the level of expertise possessed by JAMB’s technical team is unknown.
5). The website went down cause of too many traffic? Even Eskimi would’nt experience such feat. JAMB should have seen that coming. Again it shows poor technical know-how on the part of their team.
6). Two days later they are still battling to restore the website. Incredible. To believe they are the same ones who uploaded the results of 1.5m people!
7). It took them three days to restore the site, and upload the results. Are they magicians? My knowledge of computer programming and servers, says… This IT team does’nt have the expertise to achieve such feat.
Thus, the JAMB results uploaded are incorrect!
If only the media could investigate this incompetence correctly, the matter would’nt be swept under the carpet.
But all the same, to every JAMBITE that scored just about the right mark, I wish you all the best in your Post-UME!
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