Talk Of Nigeria: Armed Robbers Have Taken Over Ogun State.

Eversince Senator Ibikunle Amuson, the Governor of Ogun State, entered into power, the state has witnessed all sorts of negative transformations. The Educational sector is in a pitiable condition, bad administration, low level development, coupled with the increasing incidence of armed robbery. Which has caused a lot of negative development for his administration.
It would be recalled, that in the later part of 2011, armed robbery became a dominant character in the state.
Armed robbery operations occured during the day time, for as long as three hours, without being challenged by the police. These incidence, has crippled the development of the state.
November 2011, was equally an insecure month. Robberies, forced banks to close spontaneously during the day.
The police on the other, have made little or no effort to curb this situation. Crimes have unreasonably took hold of the city. With a fresh incident occuring this morning.
Furthermore, the situation is ridiculed by the fact that this robbers, had the nerves to invade the state government’s secretariat a couple of weeks ago, to steal a car. Whats more, they were never caught! Ridiculous is’nt? The Governor was there, the police were there, everybody was there, and it happened in broad daylight! Laughable, but sad.
The government should curb this menace before it opens doors for the Boko Haram sect to enter and exploit. The police should be more attentive to the situation, or they should summon the army, if that would solve the problem.
A state of emergency should be announced if possible. Better still, a curfew should be ordered on the area, to reduce movement and expose criminal activities.
The government should curb this menace now, before it takes a new dimension!
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