Talk Of Africa: An African Leader Would Die In 60 Days — T.B. Joshua

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua has caused confusion again in Zimbabwe after repeating his prophecy that “the death of an old African president” is imminent.
In February this year T.B Joshua, leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, announced that an African leader would die within 60 days. Though, he did not say the location of the leader, Zimbabwe was abuzz with speculation given Mugabe’s ailing health and frequent trips to Singapore for treatment.
“God loves us, you should pray for one African head of state, when I say President… Again the sickness that is likely to take life; sudden death, it could be sickness being in the body for a long time but God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that,” Joshua said in February. Then On Sunday, the prophet narrowed down the location by excluding West Africa. “What I was saying is very close now. You want to hear more, and it is very, very close now. Whether you like it or not, this is what I’ve seen. Pray for a leader. Well, God showed me everything but I’m praying to see if this thing can be changed,” Joshua said, adding he would “not say anything more than that.”
With Zimbabwe a deeply religious society, ‘prophecies’ like this have an impact and people believe in them. Although there are several ‘old’ African leaders like Michael Sata (Zambia), Eduardo Dos Santos (Angola), Paul Biya (Cameroon), Bingu Wa Mutharika (Malawi) and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Mugabe’s medical problems and trips to the Far East are well documented.
While on social networking sites, users are already praying for President Mugabe, who is 88 years old, to die.

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