Talk Of Nigeria: Some Reasons Why Students Don’t Get Admissions Into Universities

Admission season has only just began, following the release of the 2012 UTME results, for those who scored 180 and above.
Though they still need to pass the Post UME (which I regard as the most important, due to JAMB’s incompetence) and get a score, above the cut-off mark, for them to have a greater chance of getting admitted.
It is for some, their first opportunity to enter the university. While for some, it is another year to struggle for a university admission.
But what really caused them to fail or not get admitted? They all have their excuses.
However, There are different reasons why candidates don’t get admitted into various universities in Nigeria. It could be because they are ignorant, relying on “expos” or trying to bribe their way through it, which does’nt work for some, but for others.
However, here are some reasons why candidates don’t get admitted into the university.
1). Low UTME Scores For Important Courses: Many candidates, who scored below 200 in the UTME, are always applying for courses which are “way out of their league”. A candidate who scored 198 and has decided to study medicine at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), can never be admitted into the university. The reason is simple, universities have “hidden”/certain requirements for various courses, these requirements are not popular among most candidates (except the “experienced” ones). Most universities want candidates with 240 and above for important courses such as Medicine. But due to the inefficieny of JAMB, they may opt to accept students with lower UTME marks, coupled with their own Post UME. Before admitting candidates.
My advice is, if you’ve scored a lower mark, change your course, so you can have a little advantage before writing the Post UME.
2). Poor Knowledge About Schools: In addition to the first point, candidates have little knowledge about their chosen institutions. Many candidates don’t know how many students have chosen their selected schools, many don’t know the carrying capacity of their selected schools and many don’t know the how good their schools are in terms of teaching and infrastructure. All these affects their chances of getting admitted.
3). Parental Influence: most parents want to always be ones to select the schools and courses for their children, without knowing their childrens’ abilities, which is unfair. Some parents are not knowledgeable on the happenings in the educational sector, but they still want to be the ones to choose. Some parents rely/wait for their friends’ advice, before making a decision.
This is a major cause of headache for some candidates, whether or not they enter the university.
4). Tribalism, Catchment Areas & Location of School: As we all know, universities in south-western geographical region of Nigeria, will always admit mostly, the Yorubas. Same goes for the Northern area and South-South/East area of Nigeria. And this a major headache for all candidates and it should be a problem for the presidency, since it does’nt promote Intergration in the country (but somehow, it does’nt).
Candidates should choose schools thats to their advantage, geographically e.g. UniAbuja, UniIbadan, UniPort, FUNAAB e.t.c.
5). First & Second Choices: Many candidates make this mistake. JAMB made this procedure so candidates can have an alternative, when choosing schools. But must candidates prefer choosing one university as both 1st and 2nd choice, which is unreasonable.
Then, some schools only accept candidates who chose them as 1st choice, be very careful. Federal Universities fall under this category schools.
6). Poor Selection Of Schools: There are 127 degree awarding institutions in Nigeria, of which 68 are state and federal universities. And also, there are over 40 private universities in Nigeria.
Heres the break-down: 25 federal universities; 3 universities of Agriculture; 6 universities of Technology; 29 state universities; 5 state universities of Technology; 59 other degree awarding institutions.
But candidates won’t select universities which specifically for their course (e.g. FUTA, FUTO, FUPRE, OSUSTECH are universities of technology). I recently checked the number of candidates who chose OSUSTECH, it was very low, compared to what others.
My advice: candidates should choose universities based on their courses.
7). Insecurity: There 12 federal universities (out of the 34 federal universities) and 10 state universities (out of 34) located in Boko Haram violence area.
No candidate would want to find themselves in any of the locations.
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