The Most “Unsexiest” Female Celebrities

By definition, being sexy means looking very attractive to the opposite sex.
Some people are sexy, some are’nt. And most people believe that some celebrities are sexy (especially female celebs)… When they’re really not!!! Below are 5 of the most “unsexist” female celebs: 5).Nicki Minaj:
Nicki Minaj

A lot of people are gonna disagree with me on this, but I’ve got my reasons. When Nicki Minaj released the video of her hit single “starships”, I watched the video over and over again (cause it was always being played)! And I have to say, Nicki Minaj’s implants had their flaws exposed!!
If she had’nt had those implants, she would be looking like a “match-stick woman”!!!
Her waist is so small, compared to how large her cleavage area is. Her laps are big, thanks to her bottocks, but her knees were very skinny!! She could’nt even stand erect… Did you notice that? If you did’nt, watch the video again!

4).Taylor Swift:
Taylor Swift

Am not gonna even say anything, I’ll let that picture haunt you.
3).Amy Winehouse:
Amy Winehouse

Theres no doubt about it… Amy will always be ranked, as one of the most unsexiest celebrity that has ever lived. She had a “translucent skin” and all the qualities to make her top this list, but it was’nt enough. But you’re still very very “unsexy”.

Ciara… Sometimes shes hot, sometimes shes not. Maybe its ’cause shes skinny? You do the math.


Shes over fifty years old! But she always wants to be called sexy. I don’t know how that’ll work out for her. But for me, shes got a face that looks like it had been “molded” in an “oven”. Unlike most people, Madonna has a head shape that looks like… God knows what!!! Shes still Unsexy!

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