Talk Of Nigeria: Did Mr. President Dodge The Question About Corruption?

I was watching President Goodluck Jonathan’s media chat with Nigerians last night, and if you watched it too, you’d have noticed how lowkey the president (and the questioners) was about corruption.

While the question and answer interactive chat with the President was going on, a question was asked by the Editor of Guardian Newspaper, who was among the three journalist asking the questions. His question was simple: What is the president doing about the high rate of corruption in the country, and why has nobody ever been punished, (with reference to the James Ibori and other corruption cases of both past and present administrations).

And what did the president do? He Dodged The Question!.

Rather than speak about the corruption during his own tenure, he chose to speak about the ones of previous administrations!

Clearly he dodged the question in relation to his own administration.

The president claimed that the corruption cases, already handled by previous administrations, are very difficult to investigate, “without arresting the innocent people”, so he has decided to “handle the matter quietly and slowly”. But really, how does this answer the question?

He did’nt mention the Farouk Lawan\Femi Otedola Saga, he did’nt mention the Aruma Otteh of SEC/Hon. Hembe’s Saga, he did’nt even see it reasonable to shed light on what is being done about the corruption case involving the sons of the immediate past and present PDP National Chairmen: Ahmadu Ali and Bamanga Tukur!

Did You Know That Femi Otedola Is A Member Of The Economic Management Team That Advises The President?

All these are (just few) corruption cases that have been exposed, so far, without anything concrete being done!

But I can’t blame him completely for not answering the question correctly, because if the questioners were really trying to know the truth, they’d have asked the question again!

God bless Nigeria!

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