Talk Of Nigeria: Arms Cache In Kano — Is Hezbollah Really Involved?

Anti-Tank weapons, AK47s, RPGs, RPG loaders, scores of AK47 magazines, thousands of ammunition, as well as Special and NATO ammunition. These are some of the weapons discovered by Nigerian security forces at the residence of a Lebanese businessman in Kano, recently. Security forces however linked the ownership of the weapons to Lebanese based group, Hezbollah, who have also been tagged a terrorist group by the USA.

However, what are the implications of this discovery?

The first question that comes to mind is: How Did These Arms Enter The Country?
Kano is not a “border state”, therefore it can’t be assumed that porous borders are to blame. Kano is not located close to any of Nigeria’s neighbours, as the case is for Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states in the North East of the country.

Does Hezbollah have cells in Nigeria?
If Hezbollah is behind this weapon cache, as claimed by the security agents, then drastic steps need to be taken. Those who follow the situation in Syria already know how dangerous Hezbollah influence in a country really is.

3 thoughts on “Talk Of Nigeria: Arms Cache In Kano — Is Hezbollah Really Involved?

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  1. illegal arms found in kano city, is a sign that Nigeria security should be more serous not to enable it spread to part of Nigeria,and for proper effective crime control and prevention, security agents be careful of corruption.

  2. hezbollah’s denial of the exhibits found in his house at this early stage is an abuse on Nigeria government and the people of Nigeria, who ever is handily the matter must not allow corruption to prevent justice. we Nigerians are watching. this is a facts that need no much to proof.

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