“Nigerians Encourage Corruption”: One Thing I Would Like To Share

By now everyone must have read or heard about President Goodluck Jonathan’s recent talk on corruption; he claims us Nigerians encourage it.

But he gave a really good example of a young man who buys a car of 7 to 12 million naira, after spending just a few months on a new job, while his family and friends applaud him. Of course his example was nothing more than a irony, when compared to huge billions being stolen regularly by politicians (public sector) and private individuals (private sector). The reason for that ironical example could be cited in his statement that said: “I don’t want to call names because I don’t want them to attack me.”

But the way I view this recent talk by the president is: he is indirectly pointing at religious leaders and a host of other people, who in our daily life, consider them suspicious, but choose to stay by them anyway.
With words like “people who own properties they are not supposed to own, people who live in houses they are not suppose to live in, drive cars they are not supposed to drive…”, the most popular people in this category are pastors! Obviously I can’t say for sure since the president said he “didn’t want them to attack him.”

Pastors and other religious leaders are supposed to be people of enviable integrity and holiness. But in Nigeria pastors are “CEOs” of their institutions as they engage in “Church Capitalism”. They own universities which are so expensive, and claim the govt isn’t doing enough for education, when they (religious leaders) should be helping as well. Religious leaders in Nigeria care little about the plight of their members, still these members believe these people are “next to God”. They are ever ready to defend their “holy idols” whenever someone is criticizing them. Rubbish!
In every society, religion occupies a very powerful and large section in the minds of the people. Therefore for any real development to come out of a nation, these religious institutions must play a huge role.

As the president said, it is hightime Nigerians began to frown at these hypocrites. That’s my personal opinion.

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