Tension In Nigeria

Tension in Nigeria seems to have heightened over the past few weeks, from the Oduah car scandal to the G5 defection to the Tambuwal statement, over to Nigeria’s exclusion in South Africa, and now, the critical letter by Obasanjo to Jonathan.
If there’s anything that one can deduce from all that has happened, it is that Jonathan had a hand or influenced it all.
Jonathan’s inability to act, or could it be calculated moves to portray himself as ineffective, is causing ire among every Nigerian. He can easily tackle the problems in the country, but it seems he is deliberately paying lip service to all that’s happening, in the most annoying way. (Notwithstanding the fact that he doesn’t consider some of our biggest problems as a problem)!
Those in his power circle should start thinking about the welfare of the country, rather than theirs. But note that he has a lot of Northerners in his circle, and for some reasons, these people aren’t even pushing for a stop to the senseless killings in the North by Boko Haram!!!
However, I really don’t blame them, it is an African problem. Every African country faces this same problem; leaders and their power circles are self serving. South Africa witnesses such situation, but the problem is not so visible as Nigeria’s, simply because South Africa has a system that works, fairly good. But in Nigeria’s case, the system is not effective, and has not been effective for a long time.
But my fear for the country under Jonathan, is that he is gradually becoming a power hungry politician, who signs now show that his 2015 ambition is still an option, either by hook or crook.
But the degrading situation under Jonathan shouldn’t be blamed on the president alone. The moral character of those occupying government posts should be questioned.
The government organization that is at crux of this matter is the NNPC. The corrupt nature of this organization is unquestionable. Recently, the CBN governor, Sanusi, wrote Jonathan a letter complaining of the NNPC’s failure to remit over $30bn to the Federation Account. Analysts even claim that the stubborn and clandestine nature of the NNPC is influenced by the competence of the office of the Minister of Petroleum, which needs to either be corrupt or competent against corruption. The latter is not the case of Nigeria.
The Judiciary, the legislature, and even the entire populace need to be more knowledgeable about the problems of the country, in order to help reposition the country. God Help Nigeria Before It Is Too Late.

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