Is It Only When Abuja Is Attacked That The Reality Of Terrorism Is Understood?

For months, heading to years, the Northeastern region of Nigeria (particularly Borno, Yobe & Adamawa), has been ravaged by insecurity. On a daily basis, the media reports on shoot-outs between Boko Haram and the Nigerian Army, killings, bombings, abductions, raidings, among many others, in that region. To stem the tide, the President put in place a state of emergency in three states in the region: Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. Still, these incidents persists. The people in these locations are forced to live a life of uncertainty, a war-like situation.
As a result, it is no longer news, and it is even becoming a normal occurence, to hear of bombings and mass killings from this side of the country. And it seemed for a brief moment that Nigerians had forgotten about how real and dangerous this acts of terrorism is to their daily living in the country. Not until when this same terrorists took the Seat of Power by surprise did Nigerians once again began to speculate and analyse the extent to which terrorism has made them vulnerable in terms of security.
The terrorists had attacked Abuja in the past, by bombing the UN building some years back. But this recent attack was targeted at a very popular Car Park in Nyanya, a popular rural area in Abuja. Lives were lost, properties destroyed, but most importantly, fear of terrorism reignited.
The President did pay a visit to the site, but the following day, he went for political rallies in Kano state. So when others were pondering and lamenting about the deteriorating state of the country, others didn’t see any reason to concern themselves with the current state of affairs, much to the dismay of the former.
Hence Mr President and all politician and their parties have shown once again that they are not concerned with the state of the nation, but only about how to keep power within their domain. It is a painful observation, but that is the truth. One can only hope that things change for the better, but that hope too is fading quickly, hastened by the non-chalant attitude of those lurking the corridors of power. God help Nigeria!

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