Every Nigerian is Focusing on the Federal Govt: What About the State Govt and Local Govt?

Nigeria is a country that constitutionally has a power structure devolved among 3-teirs of government. The Federal government occupies the top position, followed by the state, and then the local government. Also, each tier os government has its constitutionally stipulated roles. Everybody in Nigeria knows that these 3-tier form of government exists. Yet nobody cares, nobody gives a shit. Everybody instead focuses on the Federal government.
It pains me so much when I read stories about how state governors are relying on the Federal government to disburse funds for them every month. No governor wants or is ready to think hard enough about how they can develop their own territory.
At the state level, educational systems are a mess. Taxation systems are laughable. Economic policies are terrible. Yet, these governors are same ones who sit at the so-called “National Economic Council” every now and again to discuss what?! What initiaties can they possibly offer to share? They keep waiting on the Federal government to act, not so they can follow, but so they can demand their share of whatever results from Federal power.
Nobody still cares to ask what the state governors are doing at their various jurisdictions. Yet constitutionally, they have the power to develop their territories all by themselves if they wanted to. Other governors are not ready to take ideas from Lagos or Kebbi state. They’ll rather tag aling with Fayose, Oshiomole, Aregbesola and the other fellows who contribute no meaningful development to their territories.
And the most annoying of all tiers is the local government. Now this tier has nothing at all to be proud of whatsoever. Constitutionally, they have the power to build roads, maintain government structures, improve educational institutions in their domains, control crime, regulate local market conditions, among many others. Yet, I have never read, heard, or seen any tangible work being dine by the this tier of government. Instead, the state governors hijack their funds, and subject local government politics to clientelism; placing their owb suporters into leadership positions.
In the South West, nearly every Saturday, if you walk around any local government secretariat, there’s a high probability that a party is ongoing. You’ll see so many people with their Ankara “jollificating” with government funds. It’s appaling.
Most painful part of all is that tbe local tier level of government is rife with thuggery and violence. Only the people close to or controling thugs in a locale ever emerge chairpersons.
The situation may be hard to change, but at least, the more people identify this as a huge problem, the better it would be for Nigeria’s democracy

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