Assessing The Effects of Mobile Number Portability on Network Services In Nigeria in 2013

In a bid to deepen competition and force telecom service providers to provide better services to their customers, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) began the Mobile Number Portability service (MNP), to assure freedom for telecom subscribers. After much preparation towards the process, April 1, 2013 saw the commencement of the MNP process, guaranteeing Nigerian subscribers... Continue Reading →

Everytime I pick up a newspaper to read, I immediately feel disgusted by the frontpage of the paper. Catchy, unneeded, digressing news is what will be found on the frontpage. "100 PDP members defect to APC", "N70bn Gone Missing", Atiku said this..., Obasanjo said that... These are some news content that maybe found. But what... Continue Reading →

Timaya Ukwu, Burna Boy Run My Race, 9ice Kan Tan, and a lot of videos by D'prince... These are just some of the songs whose videos, I, and many others, have classified as some of the nudiest videos being shown on our TV stations presently. And nothing has been done about it! I really can't... Continue Reading →

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